Embracing Rest: A Black Man's Journey to Reclaiming Tranquility

In the black community, the concept of rest has often been an elusive and complex subject. For generations, black individuals have faced relentless challenges, from systemic oppression to societal expectations, leaving little room for leisure or respite. As a black man in society, I have experienced firsthand the weight of these burdens and the relentless pressure to work twice as hard to achieve success. However, it was not until much later in life, at the age of 47, that I truly began to understand and embrace the importance of rest for the mind, body, and soul.

Growing up, the idea of rest was almost foreign to me. My elders taught me that I needed to be resilient and strong, as the world might not always be kind to someone who looked like me. My parents, grandparents, and even my aunt, whom I lived with in Chicago, all believed that hard work was the only path to success. I watched my aunt, after a grueling day of cleaning other people's houses, find solace on the couch, basking in the warm afternoon sun. Her weariness was palpable, but she remained unwavering in her determination to cook us dinner afterward.

The powerful images displayed in "We Do Not Dream of Labour" immediately take me back to those moments with my aunt. The photographs vividly capture the exhaustion etched on the faces of black individuals, their bodies weary from labor, and their souls yearning for a moment of rest. These images resonate deeply with me, as they mirror the sacrifices my family made and the struggles they endured to provide for our future.

For much of my life, rest seemed like a distant luxury, something I could not afford amidst the expectations and challenges I faced daily. The notion of finding tranquility amid a relentless pursuit of success felt like an impossible dream. I internalized the belief that my journey would be defined by constant effort, leaving little time for self-care or recuperation.

However, as I have grown older and experienced life's ups and downs, I have come to realize that rest is not a sign of weakness or laziness but a fundamental human need. It is a vital component of self-preservation and self-care, allowing us to recharge and face life's challenges with renewed vigor.

Learning to rest has been a transformative journey for me. I've discovered that it is not only about taking physical breaks but also about finding moments of mental and emotional respite. Embracing rest has allowed me to reconnect with myself, to find inner peace amid the chaos, and to acknowledge that my well-being is just as crucial as my aspirations.

Reclaiming rest as a black man in society requires dismantling deeply ingrained cultural expectations and societal pressures. It involves recognizing that the pursuit of success does not have to come at the cost of our mental and physical health. Rest should be a birthright, not an elusive privilege, for every individual, regardless of their background.

In conclusion, my journey to understanding rest as a black man in society has been a profound and necessary one. The images displayed in "We Do Not Dream of Labour" evoke memories of my aunt, a hardworking woman who taught me the value of perseverance. However, I have come to realize that true strength lies not only in working tirelessly but also in knowing when to pause and replenish our spirits. As I continue to navigate life's challenges, I hold onto the belief that embracing rest will not diminish my accomplishments but enhance them, allowing me to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Midday Blaze

In the arc of noon, the sun stood high,

Meghan's fervor blazed across the sky.

ARC Studios bathed in golden light,

A tale of determination, our sight.

Her gaze intense, her dreams ablaze,

Time's rhythm mirrored in her ways.

Through lenses, we revealed her quest,

A journey of heart, soul, and zest.

Her youthful vigor, a fire untamed,

With each shutter's click, our souls entwined.

In the midday blaze, her spirit shone,

A young black woman's strength, the sun's own.

Dawn's Embrace

As the spring sun kissed the sky awake,

In ARC Studios, our journey did take.

With Meghan Blaze, a vibrant soul,

Her fiery energy, the sun's own role.

A young black woman, life's path unknown,

Her spirit aflame, a brilliance shown.

In the dawn's embrace, her beauty unveiled,

Photographer and muse, our bond never paled.

The sun and she danced, a radiant pair,

Through golden hues, we captured her flair.

With every click, her essence came alive,

A quest for self, a spirit to thrive.

The Sun's Legacy

The sun, a witness, a constant guide,

Over the years, with them, it's tied.

Through photoshoots and changing days,

Meghan's story, the sun conveys.

ARC Studios, a sacred space,

Where dreams and visions interlace.

Their artistry, a legacy left behind,

In every portrait, a moment entwined.

As seasons pass and time may roam,

Their bond endures, forever grown.

In the spring sun's tender embrace,

Meghan Blaze finds her rightful place.

Twighlights Glow

As the sun descended, painting twilight's glow,

Meghan's grace and charm continued to grow.

ARC Studios embraced her radiant soul,

A tale of resilience, strength, and goal.

With each passing moment, shadows play,

A dance of dreams in the sun's last ray.

Through laughter and tears, her story unfolds,

In every frame, her courage enrolls.

A young black woman, finding her way,

A beacon of hope at the end of the day.

In twilight's glow, her essence blooms,

Photographer and muse, in harmony's looms.

Here is one thing the photo must contain, the humanity of the moment.

(Robert Frank)